How a 17-year-old boy went mental after attempt to use mother for ritual failed

How a 17-year-old boy went mental after attempt to use mother for ritual failed

By Joe Odege

A teenager has gone mental after an attempt to use his mother for money-making ritual failed.

The incident took place late August this year at Railway Quarters, Makurdi, the Benue state capital, where the teenager and his mother reside.

Moses Daniel, 17, whose mother is from Edo state and father (now late) from Benue state, is described as a college dropout who goes about town picking or pinching odd things on the street or doing daily labour. Occasionally, he leaves the house for days, telling his mother upon return that he travelled for outside job.

On this fateful day, according to neighbours who witnessed the incident, Daniel returned from a typical trip for an 'outside job' to meet his mother praying and sweeting in the house. But as he brought out a white handerchief, ostensibly to wipe the sweat from his mother's face, his hand got hung up in the air and he started reciting the phrase: 'mum, you will not kill me; mum you will not kill me..'

When Daniel's confused mother could not get him to stop his strange behaviour, the attention of neighbours were drawn to the scene. She narrated what transpired. In anger and amidst questions, beating and threats to hand him over to the police, Daniel was said to have told the story behind his strange behaviour. 

According to eye witnesses, Daniel confessed that he and two others were taken to somebody in Edo state who would give them mystical powers to make big money in exchange for early death. Daniel said on getting there, one of the three chickened out while he and the other colleague were each given a white handerchief containing the mystical power.

For the power to be activated, Daniel was told, all he needed to do was to rub the handkerchief on his mother's face. The mother would not die immediately but would be struck by an ailment that would cause her death gradually so that nobody would suspect him. Meanwhile, for his part, Daniel was told he would get stupendously rich but would die after three years. 

In his further confession, according to his neighbours, the first person that Daniel had offered to sacrifice was his sister but she was rejected in favour of his mother. understands that up to the time of filing this story in mid-September, Daniel was yet to recover from his mental derangement, after being taken to hospitals and prayer houses. 
The identities of the two others who travelled with Daniel to Edo state are also not known.