Health minister commends workers for dedication amidst insecurity

Health minister commends workers for dedication amidst insecurity

By Tony Emele

The Minister of Health, Prof. Muhammad Ali Pate, has praised health workers in Nigeria for their resilience amidst multiple challenges, including kidnappings and various security concerns throughout the nation. 

The minister, while speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, on Monday, identified improvements that needed to be made in the health sector. 

Pate emphasised the importance of recognising the efforts of individuals in the health sector, acknowledging their accomplishments despite facing numerous obstacles and operating with limited financial resources. 

He said, “Take insecurity for instance. There are many health workers who have been kidnapped in the course of doing their work in rural areas in different parts of the country, yet health workers have continued to work hard to deliver services. 

“Now, are they perfect? No. Is there a scope for significant improvement? Yes. And that’s why we have articulated these four buckets of things that we will do,” he said. 

Pate said he was committed to President Bola Tinubu’s vision to pursue the four-point agenda to improve the overall state of health in Nigeria and noted that one of the items bordered on improving the governance of the health sector.