Buhari murder: Accused Chinese national, Quarong, likely to plead 'extreme provocation'

"Ummukulsum sent her picture with the new lover to my WhatsApp which provoked me.” 

Buhari murder: Accused Chinese national, Quarong, likely to plead 'extreme provocation'
Quarong (right), the Chinese national accused of killing his girlfriend Buhari (left)

Oloyede Emmanuel Kano

The Chinese national, Frank Geng Quarong, who was charged for killing his suitor, Ummukulsum Sani Buhari, opened his defence before a Kano State High Court on Wednesday with a narration that suggests he would plead 'extreme provocation' to justify his action.

Led by his counsel, Barrister Muhammad Dan’azumi, Mr Quarong told the court that he gave the deceased N18 million for business, bought N4 million house for her, jewelries worth N5 million, and N6 million for University education and clothing materials, among others worth millions of naira.

"We started our relationship in July 2020, ummukulsum started asking me for money and I gave her all she wanted because I love her and don’t want to offend her.”

Quarong, however, informed the court that  in February 2022, the deceased married someone else, an action that made him heart broken and disappointed, resulting in his relocation to Abuja.

He, however, revealed that despite that she kept on calling him and chatting him on Whatsapp and continued asking for money.

Quarong further stated that she called him and said she had divorced and asked him to come back to her and promised to marry me for the second time.

“We always went out for lunch or dinner at Bristol Palace  Hotel and the Chinese restaurant at Grand Central Hotel, Kano; all their staff and General Manager know us together.

“Whenever I go to pick her for a dinner at home, her mum always looks happy. I transferred money to her GT Bank account,”

He, however, said on September 13, 2022, Ummukulsum asked for money to continue developing her house project in Abuja, but "I told her I don’t have money; she was very angry with me and stopped receiving my calls.

“She thought I was broke that was why I didn’t spend much money on her like before and told me she has found a new boyfriend.

“Ummukulsum sent her picture with the new lover to my WhatsApp which provoked me.” 

It was on December 23, 2022 that the court had ordered the recall of Ummukulsum’s mother (Pw1), police constable (Pw6) and Chief Medical Officer, for re-cross examination.

Earlier, the defence counsel, Barrister Dan’azumi, had asked Fatima Zubairu (Pw1), the deceased's mother, if she took part in washing the corpse of her daughter.

She said she was not part of those that washed the deceased corpse for burial but was told that she had 11 wounds on her body.

When Dan’azumi asked the police constable, Aminu Halilu (Pw6), if he had ever seen exhibit 1 (knife used in committing the offence), he replied that he saw the exhibit 1 on September 17. "Someone brought it to the station on our way to SCID; there was stain of blood and I visited the crime scene before I received the knife.

“I did not recover anything at the scene. I in person did not snap any picture of the scene, ” PC Halilu stated.

Dr Hauwa Ibrahim Chief Medical Officer, (CMO) Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital Kano, said on September 16, 2022 at about 6:00 p.m she was not in the office and did not return until September 17,2022.

The Prosecutor, who is also the Attorney General of Kano State, Musa Lawan, had alleged that the defendant on September 16, 2022 stabbed the deceased with a knife in her house at Janbulo quarters Kano for undisclosed reasons.